Top 10 No Shedding Dog Breeds

Cuddles is all fun and games until you end up with hair here, there and everywhere. It’s probably the only downside of being a proud doggo owner! If you have strict allergies you’ll know the feeling all too well. 

So for those pet parents that don’t want to deal with the hair, this one’s for you! 

Here’s a list of the Top 10 No Shedding Dog Breeds:

1) Bichon Frise

Coming in at number one on our list, this breed is packed full of love with a side of mischief! They have an almost toy-like appearance and they don’t shed at all, perfect for anyone suffering from allergies! 

They make a wonderful family pet as well as being perfectly suited for smaller apartment living! They are also extremely trainable but have a reputation for suffering from separation anxiety so keep this in mind when deciding on your perfect furry friend.


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2) Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzers are the perfect hypoallergenic companion, they may be small but their personality is HUGE!  Often called the walruses of the dog world, it’s hard not to admire their mustache, and when you combine it with their humor and affection, you’ve got yourself the perfect shed-free doggo! 

If you’re looking for constant affection then look no further, they practically follow you everywhere, often curling up on your lap for those long Netflix marathons as well as trying to sneak into the toilet with you! 


Miniature Schnauzer | PawsyPrints

3) Poodle

A sprinkle of elegance, a dash of intelligence, and a whole lot of pride in what you’re getting with a poodle! You’ll often see poodles winning dog shows with fancy hair-dos but behind all these, they are truly affectionate, loving companions! Perhaps their biggest attribute is their intelligence as they are one of the smartest dog breeds out there! They are also one of the bigger breeds on the list, so if you’re looking for a bigger hypoallergenic breed, then this one is for you! 

Fun fact: Their name is derived from the German word “pudel” which means to splash water, named after their initial job to collect waterfowl from hunting expeditions. It’s safe to say they’ve come a long way from hunting to the pampered up puppers you see today! 


Poodle | PawsyPrints

4) Shih Tzu

Their name translates to “little lion”, this breed dates all the way back to the Tang Dynasty in China, where they were used as royal companions! They’ve also not forgotten their royal routes and it definitely shows in their personality! These proud pooches are definitely not hunters, instead, you can expect unlimited attention 24/7!

They’ll pretty much follow you everywhere, often quietly perching on your lap so if you’re after cuddles then this one’s for you!

They were bred to be a friendly companion and a shed-free one at that! 


Shih Tzu | PawsyPrints

5) Maltese 

These noble-looking compatriots are another popular hypoallergenic dog breed, and a fabulous one at that! Commonly used as a therapy dog, these are loving creatures who feature beautiful flowing white locks! 

Their coat is silky smooth and often has the appearance of a floating Maltese! Despite their luscious locks, they don’t shed at all! 


Maltese | PawsyPrints

6) Scottish Terrier

Much like the famous scots, these little woofers are notoriously stubborn, but in a good way. They’re a true terrier, hilarious but serious all at the same time, and the fact that they barely shed makes them a great choice for a smaller home living! 

You’ll be able to spot a Scottie a mile away thanks to their rather small legs, so despite their constant energy, they don’t really like to run. They are more content simply walking alongside you! And unlike most small dogs, they don’t yap at all, just be careful with your garden if you have one, they are notorious hole diggers!


Scottish Terrier | PawsyPrints

7) West Highland Terrier

Another terrier from Scotland and these aren’t too far off from the Scottish Terrier, yet they’re constantly at self-esteem central! Highland terriers like to strut their stuff, whilst still being extremely friendly! 

They are also well known for their comical head tilts, both cute and hilarious at the same time, so if you do choose a highland terrier be prepared for lots of laughs! They make a great addition to a family home, as well as being hypoallergenic too! It’s worth mentioning that unlike Scotties, they require lots more running!


West Highland Terrier | PawsyPrints

8) Afghan Hound

We’ve covered these in our most expensive dog blog too, and they come in at number 8 for our list of the top 10 dogs who shed the least. Despite their flowing coat, they rarely shed, and they are extremely loving and compassionate! 

Once used to hunt prey in the desert, they’ve come a long way and are widely becoming one of the most popular dog breeds, if you can afford the hefty price tag that is!


Afghan Hound | PawsyPrints

9) Portuguese Water Dog

Once used as part of the crew on long haul fishing trips, these water dogs are fast becoming one of the most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds out there, plus they look stunning!

These curly-haired doggos are not only extremely cute but loyal too! They thrive with training, and as you can probably imagine, they absolutely LOVE the water! These dogs are best suited to people who live close to the sea! 

If you can’t make it to a local water source, a job is perfectly fine! These dogs need around 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. 


Portuguese Water Dog | PawsyPrints

10) Havanese

Coming in at number 10 is cute and cuddle Havanese! Originating in Cuba around the 1800s, these dogs obtained the nickname “velcro dog” as they were always stuck to their owners' side! 

They are more than just a lapdog though, in fact, they are very trainable and often feature as therapy dogs for disabled people! It’s worth mentioning that they are indeed a people-dog and become quite anxious if left alone for too long.


Havanese | PawsyPrints

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