Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds [2020]

Cats. Some love them and others hate them. If you are like us then you probably love them more than anything. With their velvety fur and adorable overall cuteness, the mysterious creatures make great companions.

In this article, we’re going over the Most Popular Cat Breeds in 2020. So without any further ado, let’s get into it! 

1) Bengal 

Starting off with a bang, we have the Bengal. 

After one glimpse at the Bengal, you’ll understand why it’s growing rapidly in popularity. With their golden shimmer appearance, they remind us of leopards… But as pets! Cool, right? 

Just like leopards, Bengals are very playful and active making them very energetic in nature. 

At first look, you’ll probably think that the Bengal won’t make a great pet but don’t let this fool you! 

Bengals are quite the sweetheart and known for being extremely affectionate and great family pets. 

I think it goes without saying that the Bengal is high-in-demand and they aren’t cheap… 

If you want to learn more about the Bengal then click here

Cool fact: This may sound crazy but Bengals love water… Bengals are known to love playing around in the water. So next time you going for a swim then consider taking your Bengal with you! 


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2) The British Shorthair 

Coming in at number 2, we have the British Shorthair. 

With its dense, thick fur and big-rounded eyes, it can charm and win every pet lover’s heart with ease! One look at it and you will instantly want to give it a big hug. 

The British are very easy-going and whenever you aren’t available you’ll find it playing with toys and entertaining itself. 

But don’t get it wrong… The Shorthair is anything but active! They love nothing more than lazing around the house. 

Just like the Bengal, the British Shorthair is in no stretch of the imagination cheap. The British can cost anywhere from $1000-1200. So, make sure to check your savings account twice before making a decision. 

Oh yeah… Let’s not forget! The British Shorthair is known for being a social butterfly making it the perfect for any family. 

Cool fact: Funnily enough, a British Shorthair named Smokey broke the world record in 2011 for the loudest purr. Although, it was broken later on by another cat called Merlin. Click here to listen to Smokey’s purring.


The British Shorthair | PawsyPrints

3) Maine Coon

At spot number 3, we have the Maine Coon. 

In other articles, we’ve described the Maine Coon as the “gentle giant” and after taking one glimpse at the big creature you’ll start to understand why. 

The Maines are often confused with Norwegian Forest Cats since both have a very similar appearance. Although there is one big difference…

… Coming in at 40 inches the Maine Coon is the largest house cat of them all. Crazy, we know!

As stated earlier, the Maine Coon is known as the “gentle giant”. And there is a reason why it’s called the “gentle giant” and not just the “giant”. 

Maine Coons are one of the most friendliest cat breeds around! They’re a genuinely loving, family-friendly addition to any household. (Trust us, you won’t regret getting one!) 

Before you start searching up “How much does a Maine Coon cost?” we want you to hold on to your hat. The average price for a Maine Coon is $1000. What can we say? It’s the laws of supply and demand my friend. 

With its enormous size and bushy tail, it’s very simple to get why the Maine Coon has grown in popularity over the last years. 

Cool fact: In 2004, scientists managed to clone a Maine Coon called Nicky and it ended up being sold for $50,000 to a woman in Texas. Crazy world, right?


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3) Ragdoll 

Oh yes, the Ragdoll. 

The Ragdoll has beautiful crystal eyes that any die-hard cat lover will fall in love with! 

Ragdolls are very calm and gentle and known to be quite affectionate for their owners. 

At times the Ragdoll’s affection can almost be comparable to somewhat of a dog-like devotion... (We wouldn’t complain) 

In many ways, the Ragdoll can be compared to a dog. Just like a dog, the Ragdoll will be following you around the house wanting your love. How cute, right?... 

Cool fact: Ragdolls are born pearly white but they develop patterns/color after 1-2 weeks. Cool, right? 


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4) Persian 

At number 4, we have the Persian. 

With its long hair and cute round face, there was no way we wouldn't mention the Persian cat. Just look at it! You can't tell us that doesn't like your new best friend.

They're very friendly, sociable, and loving with a very laid-back personality. Persians are quite the darling and love to snuggle up to their owners and play with toys. (Our hearts are melting already) 

Let’s just say, we understand why the Persian made number 4 on this list!


Persian | PawsyPrints

5) American Shorthair

At spot number 5, we have the American Shorthair. 

The American Shorthair is a medium-sized cat with a thick, dense coat. They also come in 60 different colors, insane right? 

With their playful personality, they love to play around in the house and it can easily entertain itself for hours. So, get ready for your house to turn into a playground for your little friend. 

Cool fact: The American Shorthair came to the US with the Mayflower after European Settlers decided to take them with them in the 17th century. They played a big role on the ship since they were in a constant battle with rodents. 


American Shorthair | PawsyPrints

6) Siamese 

Next up, we have the Siamese. 

Known for their distinctive appearance the Siamese always looks dressed up for the next masquerade ball with its chic black accessories and diamond-blue eyes. 
When the Siamese isn’t at the ball it hangs out with its family.

They’re very affectionate and talkative. In fact, so much that you may need to prepare for those long conversations with your cat. (They love attention) 

Cool fact: Siamese became popular in the US after President Rutherford got a Siamese from a US diplomat stationed in Thailand. 


Siamese | PawsyPrints

7) Sphynx

At number 8, we have the Sphynx. The Sphynx will have you looking twice with its distinctive look. 

They’re are known for enjoying the spotlight and the Sphynx makes you question the phrase “man’s best friend” with their playfulness and close bonding with humans. 

The Sphinxes are the definition of social butterflies and we totally get why you would want one! 

Cool fact: Even though you may think that the Sphynx is bald at first sight that turns out not to be true. They're covered with a fine layer of downy fuzz. While they aren't fluffy like their other friends, they aren't hairless. (We’re just as surprised as you) 


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8) Scottish Fold

At spot number 8, we have the Scottish Fold. 

The Scottish is a very quiet with cute fluffy ears. The breed has had a surge of popularity after many different celebrities stared getting a Scottish Fold. These celebrities includes the likes of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift and many more!

However, these fluffy ears didn't come by themself and they were the result of mutation that often leads them to painful and short lives. 

These days many people choose a cat depending on it’s looks and look away from the reality. (The truth hurts…)

At PawsyPrints, we don’t encourage buying a Scottish Fold. 

Cool fact: They’re  known to fall asleep quickly on their back, and even have a favorite sitting position called “The Buddha”. 

“The Buddha” is when the Fold has it’s their legs spread widely open and sits up right. It may look funny to us, but to these goofballs like being comfortable and and love getting few laughs out of you!


Scottish Fold | PawsyPrints

9) Abyssinian

As old as the Abyssinian is, it's also as popular but for good reason. 

The Abyssinian cat is quiet, cleaver and very curious and they love humans and their good company.

They’re known to be active and the Abyssinian enjoys their space and activities.  They’re great climbers and adore climbing up high places like trees. 

Abyssinian cats are playful but no to the point where they are reckless!

Cool fact: The little fella can be quite the jokester and they love to impress with their acrobatic antics. Trust us when we say that these guys are anything but boring!


Abyssinian | PawsyPrints

10) Devon Rex

At last, we have the Devon Rex!

They’re very intelligent and able to perform very hard tricks however motivating them is a whole nother thing… 

They have a very distinct look making it easy to spot from a mile away. Their appearance includes and long skinny neck with an oddly shaped head and big ears. (It's not your average cat for sure)

The Devon rex loves an active lifestyle and a challenge so be sure to give it one! 

Cool fact: The Devon Rex has the nickname "cat in a money suit" because of it's playful nature. Other nicknames includes the "poodle cat" and "alien cat"

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