How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep?

You come home after a long day of work just to find your cat where you left it, sleeping on the couch. Cats love to sleep, and they do it a whole lot! (they also look hella cute doing it!) 

Question: How many hours do cats sleep? The average cat sleeps 12-16 hours which is almost twice as much as humans do. Crazy right? 

Just like humans, cats sleep to converse their energy so they can stay awake. 

How long do they sleep? 

Like we said earlier, cats can sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours. When cats become older their sleeping pattern change and they sleep more. 

But cats are just like you and can sleep more or less depending on their mood. The only difference is that your cat doesn’t have responsibilities and jobs to attend to. It must be fun being a cat… 


Cat sleeping

How much sleep do they actually need? 

Typically, you shouldn't be worried if your cat sleeps a lot. That's just what they do. Cats are biologically programmed to do so and there is no need to start stressing if your cat sleeps a lot. In most cases, your cat will sleep because it needs to. 

However, if there is anything that bothering you your best option is always to call the vet for a quick chat. They normally answer all of your questions and can easily figure out if there is a potential problem!

When do they sleep? 

Cats tend to sleep during the day so they can be wide awake at night. Cats are predators and have amazing eyesight at night making it easy to hunt since other animals are at a disadvantage. Hunting at night also helps the cat with staying undetected. 

Even though it may seem overkill, the cat needs to collect a lot of energy since hunting can consume be very draining on the small body of theirs. 


Cat sleeping with teddy bear

Is your cat really asleep? 

More often than not your cat isn’t actually in deep sleep. To be precise your cat is only sleeping in deep sleep ¼ of the time. For the rest of the time, your cat is just sleeping ‘lightly’ so it can stay alert. It’s just like when we humans are snoozing.  

You can tell if your cat is truly asleep, by looking at their eyes. If they’re open just a bit and their ears are twitching and rotating toward noises, your cat proably isn’t sleeping but just merely snoozing. 

Do cats dream? 

Yes, cats do dream from time to time. Cats can have good dreams and bad ones just like humans! If your cat is laying in a cute position while twitching, chattering, or moving their paws while they’re sleeping, then it’s because your cat is dreaming.


While some cat owners may see their cats as lazy due to their sleep pattern, those who have read this article may realize they are anything but lazy - they’re just experts at the art of sleeping and utilizing their energy. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed, rushed, and unable to focus, take a lesson from your little furry friend and relax with a cat-nap of your own.

And remember If you ever are concerned about your cat’s sleeping pattern then your veterinarian is always one call away.  


white cat