Cat People vs Dog People

The world is split into two different types of people: You are either a dog person or a cat person. It’s that simple! 

Pick your side because in this article we will take a deep dive into the world of Cat People VS Dog People

Let the battle begin!

1) Dog people are shown to be extroverted

A recent study from 2010 has shown dog owners to be extroverted and outgoing than cat people! 

As a dog owner, you tend to trust people and the outside world more and there is a lesser chance that you’ll end up alone. 

Research also found that dog owners were more agreeable which contributes to more friendly, positive, and thoughtful people overall. 


Man with his loving dog

2) Cat owners have a higher chance of ending up living alone 

Ouch, this one must hurt! Another study has shown that cat owners have three times as high chances of living alone compared to a dog owner.  

As a cat lover, there are generally high chances of you being introverted. You proably feel more comfortable reading a book at home with your cat than being at a crowded event! 


Orange Cat

3) Cat owners are smarter than dog owners

So, you thought it was all good, dog owners? Get ready for your cat-loving friends to tell you they’re more intelligent than you. Recent studies have found that cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. 

One thing for sure - Your die-hard cat-loving friend won’t forget this fact. Good luck with that one, dog owners!

4) Cat people are the most open-minded

Generally, cat people have found to be more open-minded than dog owners. Cat people will share their thoughts with you. 

And surprisingly, it’s also shown that those introverted cat lovers we talked about earlier are more creative and adventurous than dog lovers. Besides that cat owners have also been found as nontraditional thinkers.

Who would have known? 


Two cats with lady

5) Cat owners are more emotionally sensitive than dog owners

It's been found that cat owners are more sensitive than dog owners according to a new study from Aarhus University

So do be careful!  

Cat people also easily get stressed! And in addition to that, they also have a higher chance of being worried and anxious!

6) Dog owners are generally happier

The dog has been referred to millions of times as man's best friend and in this particular case, those people may be right. 

A recent survey from The General Social Survey (GSS), has found that 36% of dog owners report being "very happy" compared to just 18% of cat owners.  

Dog owners also mentioned that they really enjoy spending time with their dogs. They said that their companionship helps them get through tough times in their life. 

So it’s like adding one more member to the family! 

7) Dog owners tend to have a higher average income

A recent study has shown that the average dog owner has a higher salary than cat people. An average dog owner earns $47,000 per year, whereas cat owners make an average of $40,000 per year. 

It’s also been found that the dog owners end up spending an estimated 33% more and clothes and toys for their precious dog. 

However, it’s not stopping there because it’s also been found that dog owners spent 26% more on entertainment than the cat owners. 

Fortunately, for the dog owners, they can easily work out a budget for all of those accessories for their pets since they have a 50% higher chance than working in the finance industry than cat people. 

8) There are more cats owners

Even though the dog is known as man’s best friend The American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that there were 90 million dogs and 94 million cats in households all over the United States. 


Two Cats and One Dog Relaxing

9) Two different senses of humor

While cat people tend to laugh from clever wordplay and sophisticated jokes, dog owners will laugh from funny videos and bad jokes. 

10) Cat people are more self-thinking and self-sufficient  

As we talked about earlier, dog people often tend to be more extroverted in many different ways. The other side to the coin is that cat people often, much like cats, have ideas of their own. 


Cute cat lying on floor

11) Dog people are more dominant than cat people

Looking at the two, dog owners were found to be more dominant than the cat owners. Other traits also include assertiveness, confidence, forcefulness, and persistence which makes sense after all if you take into account that dog owners are more extroverted than cat owners. 


The typical dog person

Dogs tend to be very energetic, sociable, and easy to get along and the same thing goes for the people who love them. But research has said that the differences between a cat owner and aren’t that big. 

The typical cat person 

Do you prefer to spend most of your time alone? And are you always up for trying new things? Then you could be a cat person. 

The research indicates that cat owners were more likely to be willing to try new stuff, unconventional in their thinking and actions, and more prone to worry than dog owners. 

Final verdict 

It’s time to set the record straight and finish this oldest story in the book: who wins the battle?

Surprisingly, we found that your pet can tell ALOT about you! Forget all of the online-personality tests. All you need is a dog or a cat to become self-aware these days. 

Though some personality traits may tell you if you’re a cat or dog person. But no matter what it won’t remove the love for their pets. 

One thing sure is that whether you're a dog owner or a cat owner, you’ll all share one big thing in common: love for your 4-legged friend!