Top 10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds thrive in the outdoors, bounding around, leaping through the grass, meeting up for socials at the local park, but some dog breeds? Not so much. They would rather quietly sleep on the couch, watching your Netflix marathons with you. 

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds, perfect for those pet parents who can’t get out for many walks, have small living quarters, or if you’re simply looking for a more suitable lifestyle fit!

1. Pug

First on the list is none other, than the adorable pug breed! These wrinkly faced puppers are the ideal indoor dog, plus they’re commonly referred to as the “class clown” of the dog world, perfect for at-home entertainment! They thrive on human companionship and will stick by your side at pretty much all time, just be prepared for their loud (but cute) late afternoon snores! Whenever you see a pug out in public, you can’t help but smile. They’re scrunched up faces make for the perfect mood booster whenever you’re feeling down! Pugs usually weigh no more than 20 pounds, and although they are small, they can make quite the watchdog (just make sure you’re on good terms with your neighbors!) We should also probably mention that a vacuum would be money well spent if you have a pug, they are notorious for their constant shedding! 



2. French Bulldog

Perhaps one of the most docile dogs on the list, these adorable little dogs are ideal for indoor living and it’s easy to see why. Their main job is to look fabulous at all times which explains their soaring popularity in countries like the US.

Although they make fierce companions, a quick walk and you’re likely to find them passed out on the sofa. Not to mention they are great for kids, extremely patient, and loyal.

The feature rather broad shoulders, with short, stocky legs. Whilst they have a chubby appearance, most of it is muscle! They move with more of a waddle than most dogs, although they usually waddle from their food bowl to the sofa. They have an extremely calm aura and are probably just as happy as you are to sit back, relax, and stick on your favorite show.

In addition to these, they possess a high level of intelligence, making the training phase rather easy (you won’t be pulling your hairs out with this breed) 


French Bulldog

3. Maltese

Often called the “queens of the dog world” Maltese dogs possess a look of the highest nobility, featuring a luscious white coat with no undercoat (so no shedding!)

They’ll often seem like floating when they walk, due to their glamorous fur covering their legs, often compared to a fluffy white cloud! They’re one of the smallest breeds on the list, so obviously a perfect indoor pet.

However, due to their extreme loyalty, they do suffer from separation anxiety, so if you’re thinking about getting one, make sure you don’t leave them for extended periods of time or your pillows and shoes might meet an unfortunate fate.

They are also quite possessive over their owners, which can pose a problem if you have young children. 



4. Chow Chow 

Where should we begin with these absolute cuties? I mean, their face is perhaps the cutest to ever grace the earth!

Despite all their fluffiness, they might not be the best option if you’re looking for a snuggle buddy, it’s worth noting that they are an extremely loyal companion for the right person. Chow chows don’t do well with the heat, but they thrive in cold weather, so make sure to keep this in mind.

They are notoriously harder to train than most other dog breeds, so if it isn’t smooth sailing, in the beginning, don’t worry, they just require a bit more time (it’s totally worth it in the end!)  A cool fact about Chow Chows are their blue/black tongues, which he got from licking drops of the color of the sky as it was being created (according to ancient Chinese legend).

As you probably guessed you’ll need to make sure you have a pretty sturdy brush, as they’ll need it 2-3 times per week, after all, a mane like that won’t brush itself!


Chow Chow

5. Chihuahua

Perhaps the smallest dog on the list, but as the saying goes “the smallest dogs often have the biggest barks”. This couldn’t be truer, so don’t be fooled by their small size, they have a BIG personality!

They are often ranked in the Top 10 Watchdog breeds too, despite their size, so you can rest easy knowing any burglars won’t come within an inch of your home! There is nothing they love more than chilling with their pet parents, they’ll happily stay by your side most of the day, making them the perfect indoor companions!

However they are often unaware of their size and can pick fights with dogs much bigger than them, so just be wary when you’re on walks out with your little warrior!



6. Italian Greyhound

The once go-to pet for Italy's finest noblewomen, these days they are something much more.

Unlike other dogs on this list, they possess immense athletic capability too, as they were once used to hunt game. Nowadays, not so much. But they still need their fair share of walks and runs. Italian Greyhounds have a silky smooth coat that will gain them plenty of admirers.

Like most dogs, they thrive on companionship so try not to leave them alone for too long, they want nothing more to be surrounded by family.  If you’re a fan of art, you’ve probably seen them in centuries-old portraits, they were a huge hit amongst the very elite and royal.

Just remember to keep a close hold of him on walks, they chase anything that moves and if they get lost they can reach speeds of up to 25 mph (good luck catching that) 


Italian Greyhound

7. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Like belly rubs? Check.  Soft, silky coat? Check. 24/7 puppy eyes? Check. These doggos are the full package. They are much bigger than the rest of the dogs on this list and that’s partially due to their sporty history, where they were frequently used as hunting dogs.

One of the only downsides is that they can be quite pesky to train, so be patient in the beginning and your hard work will pay off (often in the forms of those deep, puppy eyes)! It’s also worth mentioning to watch out for any cups, vases, or standing ornaments, cavaliers are quite the tail-waggers and can leave a path of destruction if they get too excited, which as you can imagine happens pretty often!

They also have the unique power to summon constant treats and petting from whoever they meet so just be ready for all the attention at the dog park! Also, they don't like leaving your side, at all. You’ll often find them waiting for you whilst you’re in the shower!


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

8. Dachshund

Once used for trapping badgers (Dasch meaning Badger, Hund meaning dog) those adorable little dogs are another favorite amongst the dog community, and perfect for that indoor lifestyle. They only have short, stumpy legs so marathon-length walks are definitely a no-go, but they still love their exercise.

They are sure to keep you on your toes, as long as you shower them with daily love and affection! They never fail to draw smiles of admiration when you’re out for a walk, and they know it! You’ll often find them trying to help you tie your shoes, showcasing their high level of intelligence.

They can form a very close connection to their owner, which results in snappiness if it’s not addressed earlier. 


9. Pomeranian 

Pomeranians were popularized by Queen Victoria when she showcased them at a show, ever since they have been extremely in demand, especially as an indoor dog.

These cute bundles of fluff weighing only 3-7 pounds. Poms are furry, feisty but most of all, cute. This is reflected in their unbreakable loyalty and love to their owners. Like the Chihuahuas, they often forget just how small they are and bite off more than they can chew, so be careful when you’re out on walks around bigger dogs! Their eyes often sparkle with curiosity at the world around them, also making them ideal watchdogs.

It’s worth noting that they have a very distinctive bark, and once they start, they don’t really stop. In this case, it’s worth training them specifically for this problem! With that being said, they are not overly dependant, so if you’re regularly out of the house they won’t be affected as much as other breeds!



10. Basset Hound 

Also one of the most laid-back dogs on the list, these are the perfect indoor pets. Once used for hunting small game such as rabbits, their lives are much different now. Instead opting for regular naps on the couch and slow, leisurely walks.

It’s worth noting that their easy-going demeanor should be monitored closely as it could lead to excessive weight gain and further problems later down the line. They still think they are lap-dogs so be prepared for an oversized pupper trying to curl up into your lap!

Often referred to as the “couch potato” of the dog world, they have no problem dozing off throughout the day, this also means they probably won’t even notice if you’re gone, making them number 10 on our list of top indoor dogs! 


Basset Hound


That concludes our list of the top 10 best indoor dog breeds, hopefully, you learned a few new things and make sure to do your due diligence before you choose your pupper!