25 Mind-Blowing Dog Facts

If you thought you knew everything about your four-legged friend then think again. 

In this article, we will go over some of the most mind-blowing facts about dogs. So, without any further ado, let’s check them out!

1) Your dog is as intelligent as a 2-year old

Researchers have found that your dog is as intelligent as a 2-year old. If you have ever thought about why children seem to connect well with dogs then you know why now!

2) Dogs actually have three eyelids

Surprisingly, your dog has three eyelids per eye. The three eyelids protect your dog's eye from injury, it keeps the cornea clean and protects against infections. 

3) Greyhounds are the second fastest animal on earth

Some dogs are lazy while others aren’t. The greyhound can run like no tomorrow with their lean bodies and long, powerful legs, they can reach speeds up to 45 mph which makes them the second fastest animal on earth. 


4) Your dog can smell your feelings

Whaaaat?! According to new research, it’s been found that dogs can smell your feelings. Dogs will mirror your emotions. So, if you find yourself being sad your dog will quickly take notice and mirror your emotions. 

5) Dogs can have dreams

Like humans, dogs can also experience a dream. There is actually a lot of scientists that say there is evidence to support that dog’s dream. If you’ve seen your dog sleeping and making small movements and twitching then that could be the result of a dream or nightmare for that matter. Interesting, right? 

6) 3 dogs survived when the Titanic sank 

A pomeranian, a Newfoundland, and a Pekingese survived when the Titanic went down. There were 9 dogs on the ship and they probably ended up alive because of their small size and not at the expense of human lives. 

7) Dogs can help relieve depression 

With their unconditional love and acceptance, it's very easy to understand how dogs can help relieve depression. 

8) The bible mentions dogs

Did you know that the bible mentions dogs 40 times? We didn’t… And for some reason cats aren’t mentioned which is weird since they were highly esteemed in Ancient Egypt. 


9) Your dog can see in the dark 

Dog eyes have a part called the tapetum lucidum, which gives them the ability to see in the dark. We call it night vision though, woof!

10) There are 195 dog breeds in the world

Each year the AKC (American Kennel Club) comes out with an official statement with newly recognized dog breeds. At the time of writing this, the AKC registers 195 dog breeds. 

11) Pugs were once royal lapdogs in China

12) Your dog sense is up to 10 million times better than yours

When people say that dogs have a good sense they weren’t kidding. Dogs have around 300 million receptors in their noses while humans only have 6 million. 

13) Puppies are born deaf

One interesting fact is that puppies are born deaf but when they grow up to adults they can 4 times as well as their pet parent. Crazy, right? 

14) Dogs can be taught simple math problems

It runs out your dog may be smarter than you thought. New research from Biology Letters indicates that dogs can actually be taught simple math problems. 

15) Your dog tilts it's head to try to find where the noise is from 

You have asked yourself, why do dogs tilt their head? Well, some experts believe that they apparently tilt their head when they are trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. Unlike humans, dogs have an amazing hearing but often don’t know where the sound is from. Tilting their head helps them with locating the noise. 

17) Dog and cats slump water the same way 

18) The Beatles song 'A Day in the Life' has a frequency only dogs can hear

When you thought things couldn’t get weirder… Well, as it turns it could. The Beatles song 'A Day in the Life' has a frequency only that only dogs can hear. Paul McCartney revealed that there is a 15-kilohertz tone on the song in an interview in 2013 with Bang & Olufsen

19) Smokey, an abandoned Yorkshire terrier, was the first therapy dog found in World War 2 by an American soldier

20) Why you shouldn’t leave your dog in your car

Leaving a dog outside on a warm summer day, especially in a car, can cause brain damage to the animal as little as 10-15 min.

21) The labrador retriever has been #1 ranked dog for 29 consecutive years 

The AKC crowned the labrador retriever #1 most popular dog in the world. For the past 29 years, the labrador retriever has been ranked #1 most popular. Amazing, right? 

22) Your dog’s nose is as unique as a fingerprint 

Your dog has lines on its nose forming patterns, just like fingerprints. This can be used to identify individual dogs. 

23) You’re not allowed to give a dog a lit cigar in Illinois

Okay, so you’re telling me that there are so many people lighting cigars for their dog that they actually needed a law prohibiting it?! Crazy…

24) The first images of dogs were found in Saudi Arabia 9000 years old

The first images of dogs were found in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. It's estimated that these drawings are up to 9000 years old. The dogs shown on the images below are very close to the Canaan-dog

24) Your dog’s sense is reduced by 40% when it’s sweating 

25) Siberian Husky can have color combinations that include red and white

Siberian Husky comes in many different color combinations and one of them is red and white! 

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